Meet Our Board Members

When you adopt you are agreeing to engage in the suffering of another human being. You are redeeming someone from their former life. However, Christ, has given us the ultimate redemption. Earthly adoption is a perfect example of heavenly adoption. Let's be Jesus to "the least of these.

We Are:Mark & Maureen Miller

Our adoption journey - Because Mark grew up in a family with four adopted siblings and has a heart for adoption, we have always been involved in some way or another. After we were married and had started our own family we sensed God leading us to check into adoption as a way to complete our family. We have 4 children, one of whom is adopted. We adopted domestically through an agency in Utah and are blessed to have a good relationship with our daughter’s birth mother as part of an open adoption.

We feel that adoption is a beautiful picture of how we are accepted into the family of God. We are excited to be a part of making adoption possible.