Our Mission is serving those impacted by Adoption and Foster Care.

How Pure Gift of God helps along your adoptive journey:

Getting started

Often, just getting started on the road to adoption is overwhelming. We connect you with others who have gone through the process, recommend agencies to work with, and support you through this important first step.

Financial grants

Covering the cost of adoption looks like an insurmountable hurdle to many families. We offer financial grants to ease financial stress and help you bring your child home.

Community and support

You shouldn’t have to journey alone. We help you connect with other adoptive parents so that you’ll always have a place to ask questions and get support.

Post-adoptive care

Bringing your child home is just the beginning of the adoption journey. We offer training, resources, and community as you care for your adopted child.

Connection Center

Offering therapeutic services to adoptive and foster children and their families.
Our heart is to see all children receive the support needed to experience healing and wholeness in their lives.

The adoption support we wish we had

Pure Gift of God was born from a need we witnessed first hand as our founders went through the adoption process themselves. Our goal is to provide families with resources and training to best equip them along their path to adoption. We hope to be the guidepost we wished was available to us when we went through our own adoption journey. Pure Gift of God has been blessed to support more than 300 families on their adoption journeys since our group was founded more than 6 years ago.

How you can help

There are several ways to get involved with Pure Gift of God. By volunteering, donating, or becoming a prayer warrior, you can help make a difference in the lives of adopted children and their families.

Buy Merch

By buying merchandise from Pure Gift of God, you’re supporting our organization and the adoption community.