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Choosing an Adoption Agency

Choosing an Adoption Agency

This information helps to guide couples new to adoption towards the right agency for them. Learn how to decide which agency is the best fit for you.

Choosing an Adoption Agency

So you are considering adoption? Where do you start? Here are some suggestions from adoptive parents. This is a very limited list of many great references and agencies, but it is a place to start.


A few things to consider…

  • Most importantly, YOU need to be comfortable with the agency you choose. The relationship with your agency is often long term.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is no such thing as a “dumb” question.
  • Get referrals from others who have used an agency you’re interested in. Most agencies have a list of people you can contact that have used them.
  • The most important thing is that they are legitimate and people were satisfied with them.


Things to ask the agency:

  1. How many children do you place per year? How many are infants?
  2. Do you mediate communication with the birth mom?
  3. How long after a baby is born does the birth mom have to wait to sign off?
    (Domestic only)
  4.  Do you make sure both birth parents’ rights are terminated?
  5. What is your average wait time?
  6. What is a breakdown of your expenses?
  7. Does the activation fee need to be renewed at any point?
  8. Can I have a list of referrals to contact?
  9. Do you offer the birth mom counseling and support for my child until they are 18?


Suggested Adoption Agencies

Disclaimer: Although we, as the team at Pure Gift of God, have worked personally with, or have received high recommendations for these agencies and attorneys listed below, every case is different. Therefore, your experience may be different than ours.

DOMESTIC Adoption Agencies

Spirit of Faith Adoptions · Sylvania, OH Another non-profit, Christian agency licensed in Ohio. They offer counseling services, support groups and birth mother retreats. Contact Info: 3315 Centennial Rd. A-1, Sylvania, OH 43560. (419) 843-5355

Choosing Hope Adoptions · Springfield, OH An agency licensed in the state of Ohio, committed to serving all entities of the adoption triad with honor and pointing them to Jesus. Contact Info: 616 N Limestone St. Springfield, OH 45503. (937) 471-2954

A Act Of Love Adoptions · UTAH · An agency we used from Utah; we have had good reports from this agency and would recommend it to anyone. The downside of course is that it’s located in Utah. Contact info: 9561 South 700 East, Suite 101, Sandy, Utah 84070. 800-835-6360

Caring For Kids · Cuyahoga Falls, OHIO · An agency from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. This agency did our home study for our domestic adoption. Caring for Kids, Inc. is a private non-profit, full-service adoption and foster care agency serving the entire state of Ohio. Contact info: 650 Graham Rd., Suite 101, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221. 330-928-0044

Lifeline Children’s Services offers a complete range of professional services related to adopting a child. They offer complete adoption services to birth parents, including counseling, housing, medical care, legal services, and the assurance that the baby will be placed with a Christian family. Contact info: 2104 Rocky Ridge Rd., Birmingham, AL 35216. 205-967-0811

A Helping Hand Adoption Agency is a Christian interdenominational ministry dedicated to serving orphans around the world through adoptions and orphan relief. Contact info: 767 Lane Allen Rd., Lexington, KY 40505. 859-263-9964


INTERNATIONAL Adoption Agencies

Holt International – helps orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children to thrive by finding families to love them. Families in the form of trained caretakers who assume the awesome task of nurturing children awaiting adoption. Contact info: 1195 City View, Eugene, OR 97402. 541-687-2202

All God’s Children Int. – Main Office in Washington. Other offices in Ohio, Michigan, and Texas. A Christian agency that work with orphans all around the world. They are committed to putting children first. Contact Info: (800) 214-6719


Foster Care Agencies

Encourage Foster Care – Wooster, OH A local agency committed to connecting foster and foster-to-adopt families with strong support systems that will equip them with the help needed when opening their hearts and homes. They work in connection with Christian Children’s Home of Ohio and Encompass Christian Counseling. Info: 637 College Ave. Wooster, OH 44691. (330) 462-1118

Pathway Caring for Children – Canton, OH. A non-profit social service agency that provides training, support, and counseling services to foster and adoptive families. Contact Info: 4895 Dressler Rd NW Suite A Canton, OH 44718. (330) 493-0083



Helpful Websites

This site has links to lots of Christian adoption blogs—lots of raw, real stories, and helpful advice.

A family passionate about adoption, especially special needs. This blog helps many raise funds to adopt and shares stories of lots of waiting children.

Established in 2003 as Shaohannah’s Hope, Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth initially founded Show Hope out of their desire to see more children find their way into forever families. Though many families they talked to were willing to adopt, the financial costs to adoption were simply too high.

Get help to mobilize your local church on behalf of orphans. Explore the eight steps to launching an orphan ministry in your church and find out about other ways Hope for Orphans can serve you and your church.

Akron Children’s Oak Adoptive Health Center
Prepares and educates parents and families involved in domestic, international, and special-needs adoptions. We also provide medical history evaluation, and psychological and developmental evaluation and support to encourage the healthy growth of the adoptive family. IRS.gov Tax benefits for adoption information.

Download and print this resource.


Recommended Books and Podcasts


  • The Connected Child by Karyn B. Purvis, Ph.D., David R. Cross, Ph.D., and Wendy Lyons Sunshine
  • The Connected Parent by Karyn Purvis, Ph.D. and Lisa Qualls with Emmelie Pickett
  • The Whole Brained Child by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.



  • Empowered to Connect Podcast
  • The TBRI Podcast
  • Twisted Sisterhood Podcast- birthmothers perspective