The Alexander Adoption – Final Stretch!

Matt and Virginia Alexander have been matched with a child in Eastern Europe. They hope to be able to travel by the end of the year! Their total adoption costs have been over $40,000. They have worked extra jobs, started a business, had amazing support from family and friends, held many fundraisers and have received grants to get them to this point. Your gift is an answer to prayer and the last step of this long financial journey!

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Leigh’s Love

Children have always been central to my life.  I was a babysitter, children’s musical assistant, and nanny.  I’m the oldest of 14 grandchildren, the aunt of 9, and a godmother.  I’ve taught dance, art and Sunday school.  Now I have the privilege of teaching elementary art everyday.  While I do not know if marriage is in my future, I know I am ready to be a mamma.  I believe God has lead me to this season in my life and called me to adopt.

It’s been a roller coaster ride getting to this point.  I am excited that I have been matched, and my daughter will be born this fall!  I’ve been doing lots of things to get ready: sewing, tutoring, nesting, and -you guessed it- applying for grants.  Adoption is a calling and I know God will provide a way for whatever He’s asked of His own.  But sometimes we have to put our pride aside and let Him work.  The initial cost of adoption is staggering (40 – 50,000).   It’s an awfully big speed bump to get over.  So I’m here to asking for help.

My future daughter and I are so grateful you’ve thought about our family and taken time to stop here.  If you decide to donate please know that we are beyond thankful; your help in our journey to become a family is incredible.  Either way we wish you all the best.



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