Run the Fuzzy Fandango

We are running the Fuzzy Fandango Trail race in support of PGOG. Please donate to our campaign. Every dollar you send will be matched by Better Life Coffee!

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Running With Purpose

I (Brent) will be  running the Columbus Half Marathon this October to raise funds for adoption. While training can get long and difficult through the summer I am excited to be able to run on behalf of Pure Gift of God! I would greatly appreciate your financial support, and hopefully together we can “make adoption possible” for a few more children! Thanks for your interest and support. -Brent Miller

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Pounding the Pavement for PGOG

I’ll be going after a PR in the Columbus half marathon on Oct 21st and promise to run as fast as I can on behalf of your investment!  I would be super grateful to anyone who is willing to help us raise funds for Pure Gift of God and the work that they are doing!

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Run in Columbus

  • Looking to support a great cause? I am planning to run the half marathon in Columbus. Any and all support will be given directly to Pure Gift of God. Thank you.
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Marian Cozmiuc PGOG


I’m running the Chicago Marathon on October 7th and the Columbus Half Marathon on October 21st to support Pure Gift of God. I’m hoping that the money that will be raised from these two races will support families in achieving their dream in adopting someone special and offering them their forever home.

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Richmond Marathon

There are 7 of us running this race. If you are donating on behalf of one of the runners, please make note of this so that we can track the numbers for each runner. Thank you so much for joining us on this campaign.

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