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Stoykovich Family Adoption

Hello, we are the Stoykovich family. We are currently a family of 5. We have three biological sons, and are both teachers. We have both known we wanted to add to our family through adoption since we were young. After having our third son, God was really pulling on our…...

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Michael and Jessica’s Adoption Matching Grant

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! We have previously grown our family through adoption and know how special it is. Adoption has brought our family so much joy and we are excited to add another child to our family through adoption. There are several…...

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Bringing Home Baby Gildner

We are Caleb and Allison Gildner, and we’re adopting! Our adoption journey began in 2013 with an application to the Ethiopia program through America World Adoption Association. We started “the wait” in November 2014 when we submitted our dossier. We waited, and waited, and waited for a call that never…...

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Elder Family Adoption

As we write to you, even today, our life is filled with hours of playing outdoors on equipment far too small for us, rushing to put food on the table before anyone has a meltdown, and rubbing tired eyes from another sleepless night. Our biological children are three and one…...

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