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Barnhart Family Ukraine Adoption

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Adopting a 4yr old blind boy, in Ukraine.

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The Father is Writing our Story, and this is Our Testimony

From the Barnhart family we would like to thank you for your interest in our story.  Dustin and Kandra have been married for 13 yrs.  We have five wonderful biological blessings: Kiara (10 yrs), Cienna (7 yrs), Zylan (5 yrs), Asa (4 yrs), and Yaffa (1 yr). Dustin works as finance manager at a local grain elevator, and Kandra is a stay at home mother.

Years ago we thought sometime we would consider adopting.  Last year as we started to prayerfully consider Deut. 14:28-29; Isaiah 1:17; and James 1:27 to remember the fatherless, we had to ask ourselves why not now.  Last year we were drawn to a three year old blind boy in Ukraine.  It was at this time that God was telling us, this blind child’s greatest handicap is not his blindness, but knowing the love of a family.

The adoption journey is one of faith, there are many ups and downs, but just like many before us, the testimonies are beautiful, for there is one less orphan, one less child without a father and a mother.

Sometimes we wonder why the Creator brings a child into the world, knowing they will be placed in an orphanage.  Whatever the reason is, we look forward to finding the answer; ultimately it is not about our questions, but it is about the Creator’s plan and what He is doing!

Ukraine adoption expenses are typically $30-35,000, and we would like to thank Pure Gift of God for a $3,000 matching grant.  This grant fund is sent directly to our adoption agency.  Our anticipated time frame for sending in our last agency payment is the end of February.


Thank You all for your support, and please remember us in your prayers in this adoption process, and also as we travel.

The Barnhart Family