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This time last year we would never have guessed this is the road we would be on. Almost every one of our friends had heard us say “Two kids is perfect for us. We are d-o-n-e.” Thankfully we follow an awesome, faith-challenging God. Fast forward 11 months and we are matched with a 2.5 year old boy in India. “How in the world did this happen?” you might be thinking. Our journey to adopt from India started 11 years ago.

We spent 10 weeks in India in 2007 with a mission group. We traveled to nearly 20 different cities and even though the two of us weren’t allowed to share our feelings at the time, India is where we fell in love. It’s an amazing country where some of our fondest moments in life occurred. Honestly, we figured we’d never go back.

In September 2017 God started our life changing soul shift towards adoption. Shawn was sympathetic to the idea but not able to fully jump on board. After a lot of prayer, Shawn came around to the idea in October 2017 from reading in Matthew 25 which is the parable of the talents. He didn’t want to be the servant who buried what he had been given. He didn’t want to say “God you gave me this great life, great kids, and more than I need but I want to keep it safe and not invest in eternity”

From that starting place God has reshaped our hearts, not only in how we look at orphans, but all people from trauma. The season during our required adoption training was one the most transformative times of our lives. We went from thinking about helping an orphan, to adding a gift from God to our family. A gift that we get to love through trauma and heartbreak and pain while pointing them to God’s perfect love and plan. The redemption parallel between God’s adoption of us and our adoption of this child is not lost on us. We are moved to tears with thankfulness for God calling us to this journey that will bring us to a closer reliance on Him.

Our two kids, Mae and Henry, couldn’t be more excited to meet their brother. They don’t know how this will shift their world but we trust that the Lord will lead them through hard things just as he has done with us. We know that our job as parents is not to protect them from all life’s hardships but to give them the tools to walk through them well.

Please consider giving to our adoption fund. Humbling doesn’t even come close to how it feels to rely on others in this way. We have saved and God has blessed us immensely to have been able to cash flow around $20,000. When we look at that number we don’t know how its possible except that God provides and blesses our submission and obedience. We have been generously gifted with a $2500 matching grant from Pure Gift of God. All your giving will be matched until we hit that $2500 goal which will be a total of $5000.

In advance, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU!

Our prayer requests

-Our son has been very malnourished and in poverty most of his life. Pray that he can continue to grow and thrive and recover from the trauma he’s lived all of his short life.

-We, as parents, need LOTS of prayer for parenting all 3 of these precious gifts from God.

-Our bio kids will eventually go through a long separation from us, the addition of a new family member, and a long “cocooning” phase once we get home.

-Speed in the process. We want our son home! We expect 3-6 of waiting till we can fly to India. Pray for favor and speed.