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Justin and Sasha Bronson Adoption

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We are adopting a baby girl! We are currently awaiting placement and could be matched with a birth momma and her baby at any time. We've been awarded a matching grant for $2,500, so any gift you provide up to that amount will be matched by Pure Gift of God! We are so grateful for your contribution, and thank you for joining us in providing a loving forever home to precious baby girl.

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From early on in our conversations about family, we both expressed a desire to adopt. Justin grew up with an adopted younger brother, and his father was adopted by his step dad when he was very young. There was a generational rhythm to it on his side of the family that definitely fed his interest. Sasha didn’t have any adopted members of her family, but her grandparents were foster parents to dozens of children for close to twenty years – so there was a clear commitment to this spirit of saying “yes” to those who were looking for a home and a family. Sasha grew up in this type of family climate, so the idea of adoption always felt so natural to her.¬†Adoption is part of the identity of our family, as well as being a central theme to the message of the Gospel. Jesus has chosen us because of His love for us – nothing else.

Over the last year we have been feeling the pull back to adoption, taking a look at our lives and realizing that our family is not yet complete.

We long for our coming child, knowing that they are on the other side of this adoption journey. During this same period, our boy Greyson has been asking fervently for a baby sibling. It could just be the yearnings of a young boy, but we believe it’s also the Spirit of God speaking through him, declaring into our lives what’s next for our family.

Last but definitely not least, we are white parents of a black son. As such, we know and admit that there will be much about life that we will not be able to show him or share with him; as his experience being black in this country will be something we could never know.

We find our identity in being a transracial family – one that passionately celebrates his blackness – and know that one of the best gifts we can give both to our current child and our coming child is the gift of a sibling who will be able to share in the other’s black experience.

*Please note: All donations over the $2,500 goal will not go to us, but will go towards Pure Gift of God’s general adoption fund to help other families adopt.*