Community - connect with people who get it

No one should have to journey alone

When no one else understands, we do.
If you haven’t personally gone through the experience of adoption, it’s hard to truly grasp what it is like. It’s not something you should have to do alone — you need help. Pure Gift of God exists to connect people so that they don’t have to walk the adoption journey alone.

Foster Parent Support Groups

The goal of these groups is to encourage the hearts of foster parents by providing a safe place to share, pray for one another, and connect with others who are also on this journey.

Dads Connection Group

Dads Connection group serves adoptive, foster or kinship care providers. Connect with other fathers and encourage one another as you walk a similar journey.

Moms Connection Group

Moms Connection group serves adoptive, foster, or kinship care providers.
Come connect with other adoptive moms and receive encouragement for your journey!

One-on-one mentoring

Sometimes, it’s most helpful to have a one-on-one conversation with a family who has been in your shoes. Fill out this form to get connected with an experienced adoptive couple to offer support on your journey.


We’ll pray for you

Adoption comes with so many unique challenges. We’re here to support you in prayer. Fill out the form to submit a prayer request, which will be reviewed and prayed over by our Prayer Team.