Pure Gift of God is launching the First- Annual Pedal for Orphans “Century Bike Ride” and we need your help! You are invited to participate in a community bicycle ride on June 1st to help Pure Gift of God reach their goals. The main ride is from Baltic to Hartville and back, for a total of 100 miles. There is also the option of a 50 mile ride, as well as a ten mile family ride. The cost for the family ride is $100 per family, $200 for the 50 mile ride, and $250 for the 100 mile ride. Participants are encouraged to gain sponsorship donors for their ride. The entries include meals, snacks, a cycling shirt, as well as mechanical and medical support on the course.

Please contact sara@puregiftofgod.org to register for the event, or for more information.

Registration deadline to get a free jersey for the day of the ride: May 15th.
You can register on location, the day of the event and we will mail a jersey to you after.

Date: Saturday, June 1st

Time: 7AM

Get out and help us make a difference!

Route Maps

Start Location: Baltic Start Location: Hartville
10 Mile Ride Family Ride
50 Mile Ride Start to Stop 1 Start to Stop 1
Stop 1 to Finish Stop 1 to Finish
100 Mile Ride Start to Stop 1 Start to Stop 1
Stop 1 to Stop 2 Stop 1 to Stop 2
Stop 2 to Stop 3 Stop 2 to Stop 3
Stop 3 to Finish Stop 3 to Finish