We are really excited to be a part of Pure Gift of God. We first became a family in September of 2005 when we adopted Carter from Guatemala. It was amazing, exciting, and everything we had dreamed of. When you adopt, you become part of a secret world you don’t know exists until you walk the path.

After Carter joined our family, we then started our second and third attempts with no success. Feeling rather defeated we decided to try a domestic adoption, which was our fourth adoption process. It was amazing! So many beautiful things became of this process, but most importantly we finally held our second child Claire in our arms.

We were feeling like a complete family, but God decided to blow our minds with our third child Clay. He came to us biologically, and we were shocked and thrilled at the same time. Our hearts and hands were full.

Each of our children has a different story, different birth country, different birth mother, different personality, and God took these children and placed them in our home, trusting us with their lives. It’s truly the most amazing thing we have ever experienced, and we are blown away by the different ways God continues to bless us. We now see why the failed adoptions, the wait, the hours of paperwork, and countless hours with agencies was worth it. We believe we can take our journey and help people going through the same kinds of things. We are a family because of the grace of God.