The family you see here today did not come easily! We were emotionally bruised and beaten by several years of infertility before we finally made the decision to adopt. And, when we did decide, it was like a breath of fresh air. We adopted Matthew from Guatemala in 2004 and what joyous time that was for us. In 2009 we signed up for Domestic adoption and Cameron came along. Cameron’s placement with us was fast and all of our paperwork was still valid, so the spring following Cameron’s birth we started to think about possibly going active in the agency again. Before we were even activated, the agency called us with Hayley who had already been born and was waiting at the hospital for her forever family. We brought Hayley home just 10 1/2 months after Cameron! Needless to say, the next few years were a good kind of chaos. In June of 2012, we got the best surprise of our lives. Our adoption agency called with a baby girl they were trying to place and thought that we might take her. We were not in a position to adopt again but also felt that this situation was a gift from God. We took a huge leap of faith and by the grace of God it all worked out and we were overjoyed to add Sophia to our family.

Each of our children is a blessing to us and we count ourselves privileged to be called their Mommy & Daddy.