We’ve been married ten years and have four children- two biological and two adopted. We recently moved back to Ohio after living in Baltimore City, MD for over a decade and are excited to be joining PGOG!

I (Amanda) have always had the desire to adopt. Larry was open but had a moment with God that stirred his heart for adoption and after that, it was a done deal! Since we lived in Baltimore City and had a heart for the people there, we decided to adopt domestically from that area.

Our older two boys, Judah and Troy, were 4 and 6 when we got the call. They said “We have a little girl..” and just like that, our lives were changed forever! Ten months after adopting our daughter, Eva, we got another call. Her birth mother was pregnant again, and two months later, we had baby Victor in our arms!

We are passionate about sharing our story and advocating for adoption. We have a deep belief that every child deserves to grow up in a healthy, loving family and want to be part of helping make that possible.